Golf Membership

We offer a range of golf memberships with adult membership available from just £308 per year.

Full adult membership costs £925 per year and allows unlimited play (7 days a week) on both the Carrickstone and Antonine courses, with single course and 5 day (Monday to Friday) memberships also available as well as discounts for young adults and seniors.

Whichever membership category you choose, you'll secure a range of benefits commensurate with being a member of a prestige golf club: the opportunity to play in club and interclub competitions, an official national handicap, and a range of value-added members-only benefits.

Join in May and receive 10% off the below prices

Annual Subscriptions

Membership Category Annual Fee

Full / Ordinary Member £925
Junior (age 10 to 13) includes coaching sessions £100
Junior (age 14 to 17) includes coaching sessions £140
Young Adult (age 18 to 21) £308
Young Adult (age 22 to 24) £463
Young Adult (age 25 to 27) £540
Young Adult (age 28 to 29) £617
Senior £648
Adult 5 day (Mon to Fri) £657
Antonine Only £634
Antonine 5 day (Mon to Fri) £436

All golf members (except Juniors) are required to pay an Administration Fee of £25 in addition to the quoted membership fee.

Paying for Your Membership

Membership subscriptions are payable on an annual basis on date of joining, then annually on 1st February each year thereafter.

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